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gutter, &c. WINES FROM SOUTH AFRICA. I>E3 3>ff3VH: AM, INTRODUCER of the SOUTH AT"? I CAN SHE11RY, &c., 20s. per dozen, bottle* inc* IOCC. The well established and daily in-Teasing re]»u!ii<n of these Win (which greatly improve in bottle) lenders allj cumment I them unnecessary. HrtV SAMPLE OF EASH TOl 24 STAMPS. yi'i,lt.aslr fonrwdrd free to am RaiWavSUti nin Kngland. BllANDi" Pale orBrown, l&s. t-er gallon, or 30s. IwrU,7i:i. .t.ffis Cash. Country orders m st contain a remittance. Cross Cheques— Bank of London." PRICED U3T3, WITH DR. II ASS A I,'S ANALYSIS, FORWARDED ON APPLICATION. <XA2MCES3 3L,. •5, Fenchurch Street, corner of Railway Place, London. [7 AM [ LY MOURNINTG. — >feiTjAY L would respectf ulv announce that great economy lay be achieved by PURCHASING MOURNING at heir establishment. Their stojk of Family Mourning is, erhap the largest in Europe. Mourning Costume of very description is kept ready-made, and can be for- rarded in t >wn or coun'ry at a moment's no ice. The most re, prices are charged, and the wear of every article guara-teed. The jONDON <3NERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE r LCIENT STUEET, near the CIRCUS. J \Y'S. Families lCa>' d upon in the Country. Patterns sent post- free. c 7 7 c J. HALL, ELASTIC BOOT MAKER TO THE CUEEN, 308, KEGENT STREET, LONDON. IADIKS may have forwarded by Post the best French Morocco j Shoes, black or bronze, bcSt Kid and Satin, white or blach, -at 4s. 6d. ftr pair. Si.iid outline of the loot on paper, 54 and 8 extra for postage, and the shoes will be sent neatly packed to any address in the United Kingdom by return of Post. JUST PUBLISHED, with 60 illustrations, price 4d. ANCIENT AND MODERN BOOTS AND SHOES, by J Sparkes HALL, Boot Maker to Her Majesty and the Royal Family, fey post on receipt of four stamps. 308, Regent Street, London. CHUBB'S FIREPROOF SAFES. io H-lIn J v. «nd deed boxe». Full illuitrated pric* lists •ca'fm. CUDBB and SON, 67, St. Cbmch/wd, London; u4*t Liverpool, Manchciter, and Wol»«rh*BPton" II OOLEV and SON Agents, 20, Commercial street, K c\\¡,"rt: Monmouthshire. BY R >Y L APPOIN'TMKNT. F-CHWEPPJ.3 SODA WATEII. BOHWEPPE'S MALVERN SKLTZER WATER. SCHWKPPE'S POTASS WATER. SC H A EPPE'S L EMO N A D E. Each bot'le of the Alkali Waters is protected by a Label over the Cork, with their signature. Sol,l by all respect- able Chetnisis, Confectioners, and leading Hotels. Manu- factured -n Lon ion, Liverpool, Eristu], Derby, and Mal vern Well 3. ORL\NDO JON US AND CO.'S Original Patent- RICE STARCH requires NO BOILING, is celebrated for producing a BEAUTIFUL GLAZE, and I staining its stiffness in the dampest weather. CAUTION".—Every packet has a label with the name nsorted UNDEU the Royal Arms. INCOME WITHOUT RISK. PERSONS having a little time to spare are apprise' that the MAST [XDIA 1 hA- COMPANY Continue to appoint Agents for the sale of their celebrated Teas in anv town and village ill the king-bun. Iheso leas are pac.e-l to suit all purchasers, in leaden canisters, liooi one ouiico to one pound. Application to be ad lre>s -d to the Company, at their i-'3ioes, 9, Great St. Helen's, ISisliopsgate, London. -\JTUEATSTONE'S PATENT CON- T CEHTINAS, 36s. ditto to play in all the keys, •52s. 6d.. di'to full compass (18 keys), 4 guineas: all are and have the double ae-ioii. Also the new Duet tf-oQcortina at 31s. 6d. and 4'2s. WHEATSTONE & Co., 20, Conduit-street, London. BANK OF DEPOSIT, ESTABLISHED A.I), lo-l-l. 3, PALL MALL EAST, LONDON. Parties a> 1, .us of INVESTING MONET are requested to examine I the Plan of THE BANK OF DEPOSIT, by which a high rate of ia- terest may be obtained with ample security. The Iatercst is payable in January and July. PETER MOKBISON, Managing Direct-. jbrw for opening AetounU sent frtt on application. THE FIRST PRODUCTION IN THE WORLD For the growth, and for improving and beautifying tht Human Hair, is ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL, l>K)V £ d bej-ond question by its successful relnlt. for more than HALF A CENTURY past, ind when other speciiics hare failed. The Mi!Q«r'>a4 constantly received of its efficacy, afford tht Jtul surent proofa of it» merits.—Price 3». 6il. and 7* Family Bottle# (• w foar amallX 10a 6d.; and double that siae, 21s. ROWLANDS' KALYDOR. RorallT patronized and univcrsallv esteemed Specific exerta the ■••• cooliri?, and pnrifrin? action on the Skin, eradicate. Frecklea, Discoloiations and other Cutaneous Visitations, an fk\n »oft, dear and blooming-Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per A WHITE AND SOUND TEETH Ar. i-iP-.abl.toF«fOKAL *^raACTIOS, and to health and IonZeTitj- bj the proper mistlMtion OI K»«. ROWLANDS' ODONTO, OR PEAUL DENTIFRICE, imprOTltig and Imparting a Pearl-like Whiteness to the Teeth, otrenfineR* ti»tf GamsTand for rendering the Breath sweet and pure. Sold by A. ROWLAND and SONS, 20, Hatton Gardeuj London, and by Chemists and Perfumers. 3 2WARE OF SPUaiOUS IMITATIONS. EXT .ORDINARY DISPLAY of Costlv New and Second- ■A hand FURNITI'RE consisting of upwards of 100 complete suites of new aeeonj-hand drawing dining", and bedroom appendages, in every stvle euii- iclfc f->r the cottage or mansion, a preat portion having been supplied bj the J5°rt eininent houses in London, and in condition equal to new, is now offered *t *ess than hslf its original cost, at l> £ N"r»s Kew and Second-hand FCRNITURK "WAREHOUSBS, 30, 31, 32, And P9, Cr.iwford-street, Bakor-strcet, London. Principal entrance, 99, Crawford-street. PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN.—CROSSE AND BLACKWKl.L'S pure and wholesome Sauces. J -okles. and Condiments mav be lind Grocers, ano It:«::an Warehousemen. Wh'esule at21, Sol.o Square. London C. antl B. are aaents for Moils. Soyor'* Sauces- Itclisli and Aromatic Mustard. /BNTLEMETT rvSnT T IN TK3 COTJKTKY, .Jo«ir<»us of avp.l'.ijjj-thcni.-i. of li,c Xcvvo.'t London KiisJ.ii :JS, enn »• 1'KIiKONAl, ATTiiNUANCK. bf lilt f r'. SKLk'-UKAsrut- i 1 « • »-i:l b« scut pott-live, "f ,c »<"••«« niaterlal*. i! f.' vi, »"'«iSK.:s. ol jK.rc Woollen Materials, 1T». W. 3, 0 ti-NTIA). '<'1 ■-t'JAT, of tile bo il Wat^rpr -ot lSeavtfr Cloih.s. bl MARRIOTT's dance MUSIC. Tiit! Martha Polka « 'Ilia Sl:r of the Opera vLYsa 3'' The Princess Alic^ Yalas I EeantiXjilly Illnstratel by BRANDARd. Loudon • | liriEWEir^ Co.. 23, Bishops- 'te-stroet W ithjn. I THE ROYAL ?:AVAL.; rJILITAaY, i.- 1'1. -_t "t EAST i,\DSA L!7S ASSUSA^OS SOCIETY, Eslé¡blÙJ¡et! A.D. lt-3/. T.„ fOR GENERAL ASSURAXCK 0 LIVES, I IS, WAISSLOO PLAGE, LOJD^. DSaF.OTOlS. Irnjor-n.SirFRFDrRIC SMITH,K.H.,F.'R.S.,M.P.,Chairman. JAs. F&iibvlUOK NUGENT DANIKLL, Esq., Deputy-Chairman. LieaU-General EDWARD WTSTAKD, C.B. AHCH.IAT-.1) HAIR, Esq.. M.D., late Koyal Horse Guards. V,'ih,;aV CHARD, Esq., Navv A. nt. J'ajor WilMAM LANCET, Hoval Kn^ineors. G"I,ral TAYLOTI, C.B.,'India Com pan v's Service. V/UXRAHAM TAYLOK, Esq. Licut -Coloncl F. S. SOTHEBT, C.B., E.I.C.S. LIcut-Gtnaral Sir GEORGE POLLOCK, G.C.B. I:Mr-Admiral MicnAEL Quin. Rear-Admiral SIR GEORGE R LAMBERT, R.C.B. Assurances are granted ui'°n thu l'»e» of persons in every pro- -n and station of lite, and are extended to tropical climates, favourable terms. ■wjttttahjt WILLIAM M. JAMES, Sec. 13, Waterloo-place, London, S-W, A FIRST-CLASS SILVER MEDAL »i L. has been awarded to & Co., at th« Paris Universal Sxb;bition, 1866, for their improred PATENT SAUSAGE MAKING AND General Mincing Machine, a for prirate families, hotel-keepers, &«. I Price £ 1 10s., 52 2s., and £ 3 3s. Al«oa — SMALLER MINCER I'or the dinner table, to assist digestion, loss of teeth, tc. I'rice 30s. Testimonials sent free. ^9. WABDO'JB STREET, SOHO, LONDON. I JL'JRNE, ROBINS AND C.)/S TEAS. { ,,( VF' PARCELS of SOS. Value, carriage free to anv part i L^LAND. AND GREEN from 2s. 4d. to 4S per lb. THE GREENS (palo olive) in addition to I "AQAL artificial coloured kinds from 3s. 2d. to 4s. 4D. 3FIQU appointed for the sale of our Packet Tea«. SUCIVLERSBUKY, CHEAPSIDE LONDON. WHAT SHALL I DO TO GET CURED? Is the question often asked by the afflicted. As your cure depends upon the treatment you obtain, apply to Dit THOMAS WILLIAMS, VINE CoITAOE, No. 182, COMMERCIAL ROAD, NEWPORT One door from the new Bible Christian Chap -rt WHO, having devoted his whole «tud/' /b Herbs years to the curing ot ail luseas y only,and fro-A successful practice in N ewport for^th.I t ten years,is enabled to treatpatients wuh the utmo. tainty of a C.ure. heel experienced bv Thou Dr. W.'s Herbal for the*cur, of sands to be tae moa. Loins Nervousness, Indi- f, in UK. n.e ){i.euniatisra, hkm Diseases,&c. Country" Patients mu t be particular in stating theii cases, as that will render a personal visit unnecessary. "'Medicine,with the necessary ad vice. sent to any parton receipt of a Post ofliee Order for iOs., payable to Dr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Newport., Monmouthshire. CAUTION !— The public are requested to take notice that Dr Williams has no connexion with any other person in the profession; and that he tan only be seen on casts at his residence, as above. B 28 CURTIS ON MANHOOD —NEW EDITION. A • F.DICAL ESSAY OX NEIiVOUS DISEASES, &e. Ju<t published, the 120th thousand, with numerous plates, in a sealed envelope, price Is., or sent, post paid, by the Author, for 14 stamps. MANHOOD the CAUSE and CUllE of PRE- MATURE DECLINE, with Plain Directions for perfect j Restoration to Health and Vigour being a Medical Review of the various forms and modern treatment of Neivous Debility, to which are added Curious and I nterestingCases, with the Author s Reeine of a preventive Lotion. liy J. L. CURTIS, Ii, A Ic-, tree t. Ptccadmy, Lonuon whose practice, extendirff over a period of i 0 yea s, affords a complete guarantee to patients that the utmost skill and ex- perience will be made available in the treatment of their cases. 'CURTIS ON MANHOOD.—" It is the duty of all men to study the laws of their body, 110 less than those or their mind. In the pages of this work will be found golden rules for regulating the one and pres rving the other."—Mark Lane Express, March 31st, 1 850. This is a t:uly valuable work, antl should be in the hands of young ami old."—Sunday limes, 2Crd Maich, '850. We feel no hesitation in saying, that tllt-co is no member of society by whom the book will not be fou nd useful—whether such pp.r,"n hold the relarim of a parent, preceptor, or a clergy- man.Suil, Evening Paper. Suld also hy PIPERand Co., 23. Patcrnoster-row, London. Consultations from ',0 till 3 and 6 till 8. (51 PRICHARD'S DANDELION CAMOMILE, JL RHUBAllB, and GINGER PILLS, will be found a never-failing remedy, excellent above all o'hers, for the cure of Indigestion, Constipation, Bilious, Liver, and j Stomach Complaints. This Medicine is a compound of the finest drugs, which are prepared with the greatest care by Mr. PKICIIAKD, Apothecary, 05, Cu irni^-cross, London. In Bottles, Is. 1yd., is. 9. 4s. 6d., lis., and 21s. Agents.—Newport: Phillips, chemist; Pont) pool Wood,cTie mist; Pontyprid-1; Bassctt chemist Tredf^ar: Crowe, chemist; Bryiiinawr George and Son, chemists; Ush. <:iark, b,)Ok5eller Ross Carry, Cox, and Roper Aborgavenny Watkins, chemist; Cardiff: Kernick, ehemist; Dowlais J- James i Merthyr Tidvil; Sinyth, cheiiiist; Monmouth; Cossens, chemist, and Farror, bookseller. [2633 R STOliBEI'LG'S VOICE L<)Zlv\GE, is acknowledged after Ten years'triai as he best specific for inprovinir the v ice, and removing ail of tl-ie Ttiroat, Strongly recommended to Clergymen, Singers, Actors, I ublic Speakers. pers Ins subject to relaxed i'hroats.and to all persons desirous of cultivating their voices, and ensuring a gooü and clear articulation. They have also been tound highly benencial those afflicted with Nervous, Hysteric-], or Stomachic toughs. be had in boxes, at Is. I id., 2s. yd., and 4s. (id. each, of every Medicine Vendor in the kingdom. Wholesale Agents, Barclay and Snns, Farringdon Street, Sutton and Co., Bow Churchyard; W. Edwards, Newberry and Sons, St. Paul's Church) ard Dietrichsen and Ilannay, Oxford- stieet; Sanger, Oxford-street, and Retail by all respectable Chemists it. ihe Kin;;om. "VT EllVOUSNESSv-A Clergyman of the Estab- i_ 1 lishod Church, who had suiiered a mart rJom for twenty years from low spirits, melancholy, gLldi"es>, pains in the head, loss of memory, sleeplessness, indigestion, and all the fearful symptoms of nervous and general debihtv, and who had spent hundreds of pounds in fees and quack medicines, all to no purpose, was speedily cured by a simple remedy prescribed by all eminent Surgeon. ,\11 sufferers are welcome to this inva- lunbie remedy, which will be sent, free by post, ready prepared in proper doses, with instructions for use and (lict, &c., on receipt 0, tItre" penny postage stamps, by the Rev. F. Russell, lj, Ar- l'ngton-street, Camden town, London. This n,?diciiie is distri- buted from benevolent motives on!y, and it is believed that there Is no complaint the human frame is liable to but will be relieved by it, as in very many hundreds of cases in which it Ius already been used, no failure h known. (-/COS Sent free by post, price One Shilling (in Stamps) 64 pages. THE EASY SELF-CURE without ME- DICINE, Inconvenience, or Kxpense, of ail Sto- mach, Nervous, Bilii'ius, Pulmonary ar.d Livr-r Com- plaints, by a Natural, Pleasant, ISafe and Kffectual means, which saves fcfty times, its cost in other remedies. Supported by u>stinii>nials from the celeb rated Professor of Gil-mistiy, Dr. Andrew Ure, l>i. Shoi 1 aid, Dr. Harvey, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Gatii!;<r, Dr. Wurzer, Dr. Ingram, Lord Stuart de Decies, the Dovager Countess of Castle- Stuart, Major Gen. Thomas King, and many other re- spectable whose health h ive Ul"'1I restored by ti after all otln-r means o f on re had failed. London Barry I*u Barry & Co., 77, Keijpnt-sr: eer. [1683 IVT-EW and Improved Edition, enlarged to i&3 pages, ll.ustrated hy 1-. 0 AN.mi.-MICAL Ci LOVRKD FnGKAYINHS ON' S'lEKL, just published, price, tr.-e by post, One Shilling, a Medical Work on the physical exhaustion and dessv of the frame with obser- oi inaril:e, oations on the obligations of marriage, directions, &e., vy R. and L. PEItJEtY and CO., who may he consulted as usual, see p ige 17i>. ?oid by danger, lf,l), Oxford-street; Cordon, 146, Leadenhall street; and J. Aiien, 20, War- wick-lane, London. PART THE FIRST treats of the anatomy and physiology of the human frame, illustrated by Ei^lit Coloured Bu- grivings. Part THE SECOND treats of mental an i bodily weak- ness, nervous excitement, &c. It is illustrated by Three hxplanatory En gravirigs. I)AITT 'FHI-' 'I Hlir, treats !)f the aiiea, rctiltii,,g from the consequences of early neglect or of mistreatment, entailing broken heal h and a misernt.-le existence. This section is illustrated by Seventeen Co-loured En- gravings. i'Aii.r THE FOURTH is devoted to the c -usideration of marriage and its duties. The CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM is expressly employed to renovate the impaired powei s of life. Its action is purely balsimic; its power in re-inyigora'ing the frame in all cases of nervous deuiiities arising irom excesses, has been demonstrated by its unvarying success in thousands of cases. Piic ? lis. per b utie, or four quantities in one for S3* which saves lis. The CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE, a remedy for purit)ing the system, and is recommended for eruptions on the skin, blotches on the head and face, &c. Its action is purely detersive, and its beneficial in- fluence on the system is undeniable. Price 11s. and 33,. prr bottle, a'so a saving 0: I Is. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILf. S constitute an effectual remedy in all case, of debility. Price 2s. 9r]., 4. G.I., and lis, per box. Sold by Barclay and Sons,; Darby and Gosden, 110, Lfjadenhaii street; W. Sutton and Co., 1U, Bow-churchyard W. Kdwards, 67, St. Paul's chuich- yurd J. Hanger, 150, Oxford-street; Cannay and 'Dietr'ichsen, 63, Oxford-street; Butler and Harding, 4, Cheapside J. Allen, 20, arwick-lane, Paternoster- row Prout and Harsant, 229, Strand, Loi idou essrs. Cheapside J. Allen, 20, arwick-lane, Paternoster- row Prout and Harsant, 229, Strand, Loi idou essrs. I Garrett Brothers, druggist, Newport, Mon. R. H. Ingham, druggist, 46, Market streei, INI an h 'ster J. Priestly, chemist, 52, Loru-street, Liverpool Powell, bookseller, 15, Westmoreland-street, Dublin; Evans chemist, Care.iff; and .all medicine vendors throughou he United Kingdom I -4' MIR ROE- KNIFE-CLE A N EE rpWELVE KNIVES CLEANED IN 5 MINUTES. .1 -This useful domestic article is 'he most compact, simple, durable, efficient, and economical, of the k nti ever invented is quite free from dirt, saves avast amount of labom, and can at all times be used in the kitchen, trice 12s and 40-. To be had of Mrs. JliFFERI ""monger, Newport; and of most other ironmongers litoughont the United Kingdom. [jb?4 RUPTURES EFFECTUALLY CURED )MIHOUT A TRUSS- All sufferers from this #.>raphl'"t a.e earnestly invited to communicate with Dr. Thom- son, as lie can conscientiously guarantee them relief in every case. 1] is remedy has been sueeessful in many thousands of cases; n'u being piotected from imitation by the Patent Office Seals of Englaru v,„n^° .ese of -Pharmacy of Paris, and the Imperial College0' •>, is now made known as a public duty ^InljVeVvcase of single and double Rupture in either sex, how ever bad or long standing, i effecting a perfect cure in n nhort t"iie. Without connnenieiit o mconver.ience, and it :o s i io ie w«h&viss565 ar support. Persons in an) P' ( ked so that no one can know remedy sent to them. pos stmctioJls for use> the conteius), ^\uh full 1 ost_0tVice order, payable at t]-e of 10s in br i5li?h'Thomson, 28, Clarence-road Chief London Office, to Di. Raipu i appointment dailv Kentish Town, London. Consultatm symptoms and except Sunday. An Lssay on toe n..tuic, u scloction of treatment of every kind of hup .ure. u 11 st f01. f testimonials from patients cured, will be sent fie i P postage stamps.. rnnt;pnt of The following testimonials are used witn tuc i tlieir writers: If anything is worth knowing, it ls L„I bein^ extensively known, and 1 consider there can be no Ln in your advertising your remedy, as vou aim at the 11 0 tion of suffering an 1 the preservation of life, and your name and Position oneht to pratcct you from the shafts of envy and malu.e» J 'lf1 ra» M-I>, Professor of Medicine "Your remedy quite cu,ed the case I told you of J. M., Esq., Surgeon. "I find cui"ed, and have tried every means to prove tUo cuu by lifting and running, which, I am happy to say, I can do without pain or using any truss." F. W. Many thanks for y out rerac j i have thrown my truss awav. glad enough to get of the tort,e of it." G, Your h ,s cfired m>- rupture, i <v\ e,>ed violent exertion since without any sign of its leappearance. Miss S. "A fair time has elapsed since I used your remedy moreover I have been examined by our surgeon, Who declares I am qmtc cured j. p. rupture being 28 vears old, 1 never expected so perfect a ure." EL. My boy's rupture is cm ed, an ie is now quite easy, andean play about without pain i is.. i applied your remedy six weeks ago, audit gives me great pleasure to inform vou my rupture has not been down since. 1). L. 1 now write to tell you mv daughter is perfectly cured by your remedy." Mrs. H. ''1 have ireceived a perfect cure from the remedy you sent me; mine was an old ruptaro and very bad in ed." H. T. 2603 picifcUanrou,^ ])AltCLAYS' DR. B.AXEMAN'S PECTO- y RAL PittiPS. 'l'his Medicine has long be. n held in the highest estimation for all llheunitiic and Chronic complaint*, in Pain?, of the Limbs, lim -s, and Joints, ami in vi-1 at C -Ids. It has been in repu'e now upwards of a century, and the great quantity sold an- nually IS the best proof of its efficacy parties who have once used it seldom failing to have recourse to it a second time, when occasion requires. It does not act a* a pur- gative but principally upon the pores of the skin, in- ducing gentle perspiration, arlll, therefore; arting in a great measure as a proven'ative of Fever, too often arising from negketed colds. In Rheumatism and Chronic Pains it is invaluable. Many aged persons \vlio would not otherwise obtain any sleep or test at night, being msbled by its use, to enjoy calm and refreshing repose. For INFLUENZA, it is unrivalled, particularly if taken fn the early stages. These Drops may be had of all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Patent Medicines, in bottles, at IS-Jd. an 1 2s. 9.1. earh. Bd careful to ask for BARCLAYS' BATE- MAN'S DROPS, as thcie are many spurious imitations; and observe that their names and a idiess (9i, Farring- don-street) are engraved on the Government Stamp affixed to each bottle. [2017 KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. HEALTH RESTORED and maintained by JH the use of these Pills, prepared solely by JOHN KAYE, ESQ., of Dal'on Hall, near HuddersSel I. They are unequalled in simplicity, safety, and^ beneficial effect, and in cases of acute as well as chronic diseases, espeei illy ihnse arising from Impurity of Blo. d, Indigestion, and Con- stipation, are the best medicine that can possibly be em- ployed. EEM\LES, ARTIZASS, MECHANICS, all persons of Sedentary Habits, and the general public, will find them of the greatest service iu correcting and preventing irregu- larities iu the performance of the various functions of the human body. Buy one Box, and liLAD THE TESTI- MONIALS enclosed. Sold by all chemists and other dealers in Patent Medi- cines, at Is. ljd., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. Wholesale Depot, 2 22, Bread-street, London. [2673 BE OF GOOD CHEER, THE SINKING MAY BE SAViiD HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. rTM-IE history of this great remedy is the most JL wonderful medical revelation that the world has ever known. 11 establishes the aU important fact WHEKEYKR and in WHATEVER SHAPE internal disease exists, the disinfec- ting, searching, and healing properties of the Pills are fully- equal to its subjection and cure. This is not a histor wri. ten by one man, or even derived from the experiences of one nation. it consists of a compilation of testimonials from the sick of every country, an unimpeachable record, the like of which has L never been adduced in favour of any other discovery or inven- tion since lime began. DISORDERS OF THE STOMACH Are the sources of the deadliest mah-dies. l'heir effect is to vitiate all the fluids of the body, and to send a poisoned stream through all the chaniuls of circulation. Now what is the ope:a- lion of the Pills'? They cleanse the bowels, rgulate the liver, bring the relaxed.or irritated ston.ach into a natural condition, and, acting through the seere ive organs UPON THE BLOOD ITSELF, change tbe state of the system from sickness to health, by exercising a simultaneous and wholesome effect upon ail its parts and functions. WOMAN IN ALL HER DIFFICULTIES Is invited to test the regulating and restorative powers of this harmless, but effective preparation. At the two epochs of life in which the fem system undeigoes the most important and critical changes, t, e Pills will prove a positive safeguard a: ainst evil consequenc s. They are .11,0 confidently recommended as a specific, in every disorder 'to which females are exclusively subject. STRENGTH AND VIGOR AT ALL AGES. GENERAL DEBILITY.—When the system is weakened aurl the vital powers are paralysed by too great an indulgence in what are called the pleasures of life, and when premature old age seems rapidly approaching, there is no medicine in the world that has so truly renovating and exhilarating all effect as Holloway's fam.-us Pills. In a very few day they laise the exhausted sufff-rer Irom debility and despair to strength and cheerfulness they brace the relaxed nerves, parify and improve the blood, correct gross humours, i eitore the lost appetite, and give tone to the whole system, to a degree never yet effected by a"y other medieine in the world, or by any change of regimen or of climate. The young and middle aged, who, like the old, may have lost their strength aud vigour from any cause, will fiad these wonderful Pills more precious than gold. DISORDERS OF THE LIVER. Extract of a Letter to Professor Ifollo (ty, da ltd Carlis'e," September 1 st, 5 8f 8. Sir,—I was at death's door from a disordered liver. I h id been persuadt'd to try various mercurial preparations, which gave me no relief, and so reduced my strength that 1 could scarcely move without assistance from one side of my room to the other. Seeing one of your advertisements, I got a supply of your' ad- miiable Pills and Ointment I rubbed the latter over the region of the liver twice a day, and took eight Pills every inornin?. In six weeks I was thoroughly cured. 1 you my card for private satisfaction; if desirable, you may print thia letter. FOll THE CURL OF DROPSY. Holloway's Pills for the cure of affections.—Th> causes of this direful disease sre various. It is often engendered by the morbid stale of the system, whereby the free circulation of the blood is impeded, or it may originate from sjme preceding complaint; The first tiling to be done to effect a cure is. to re- move any obstruc ions by purifying the blood and causing the discharge of the superabundant fluids from the body; for this purpose take Holloway's Pills, as they poss ss such cleansing properties that the dropsical patient is gradually restored to health, aud the whole frame is perman ntly renovated. These Pills may be safely taken by male or female, at all periods of lille. The Ointment will do wonders, if well rubbed into the parts affectcd, as effectually as salt is forced into meat, twice a day. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy knowc in the world for the following Diseases :— Ague Consumption Head ache Sciofula, or King's Asthma Debility Indigestion Evil. Bilious Complaints Dropsy InHainmationSore Throats blotches on the Dysentery Jaundice Tic Douloureux Skin Ervsipelas Liver Com- Tumours Pow el Complaints Fevers of plaints Worms of all kindf Colics all kinds Lumbago We3kness, fro at Constipation of the Fits Piles whatever cause howels Gout Hheu,natism &c., &c. Sold at the establishments of Professor lloiloway, -244, Strand (near Temple Bar) London also b} all respectable Druggists and Dealers in medicines throughout the Civilized World, at the following prices-is 1 ja., 2s. Vd., Is. dd., lis., 22s., and &3s. each box. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B—Directions for the guidance of Patients in every dis. rbr are affixed to each box. 1-657 SURE CUItf-i. L\Ilm:i.T'3 ASTHMATIC BALSAM. r|7llULY Efficacious and Pleasant, without JL Confining the Bowels or affecting the !lead. A few of the many thousand Testimonials of Cures of ASTHMA. CONSUMPTION*, COUGHS, SHORT- NESS OF BRFIAT'I, and all disorders of the CHEST and LUNGS, by taking LAMBERT'S ASTHMATIC BALSAM. Sufferers from Asthma, of however ion? standing, or those who are prcvente 1 ftom even lying down for fear of sut1'uca';on, may rely on immediate relief, and a cure will certainly follow the use of it. Those who are subject to or suffering from Bronchitis should immediately-take a few doses of this wonderful medicine. WONDERFUL cu H g OF ASTHMA Extract of a letter from Mr. Charles Mumby, chemist and druggist, 53, High-street, Gosport, dated December 7th, 11352:- To Me. n'm. Lambert, chemist, 20, Jermyn-street, Haymark-t, London. I, John Henry Adams, am a gunner in Her Majesty's Royal Artillery, and while stationed at Malta, same six years ago, was suddenly seized in tile middle -f the niaht with a violent attack of Asthma, and was nearly sufficated with the great difficulty in breathing, and excessive cough, for two hours. This visited me, accompanied with violent pain in my side, and continued the same at intervals for upwards of two months, and his troubled me more or less ever since; after having been in the hospital twice, and tried every remedy that my friends conld recommend or mv means command, without obtaining any permanent relief; and after reading an advertisement of Lambert's Asthmatic Balsam, I resolved, as a last resource, to try it, and, wonderful to relate, the cough, difficulty of brcathimr. pain in the side, &c., that resisted every remedy, yielded to this. After taking only four small bottles, I am now completely flee from any of the dis- tressing simptoms of Asthma, and, in fact, my health is quite re-established. EXTRAORDINARY ClJRE Or, ASTHMV. To Mr. T Taunton Clarke. Druggist, &c,, Boumiii, April 9, Sir,—I was drecHlfullyafflicted with asthma for many years. For the last iive years, the cough and expectoration was so great as almost to occasion suffocation. I am a tin streamer, but was utterly unable to work, and incapable o lyiLg down in ray bed during the whole period-beit,g frequently obliged to sit up all niaht in a chair by the fire. tried many medical men in the neighbourhood, but it was of no avail. A short time since, being at your old established shop, [was recommended to try" Lam- bert's Asthmatic Balsam." I followed the advice given, and re- joice to say that after taking two or three s111"II, and three or four large bottles, I am now able to work and to walk as well as I ever could in my life, although more than 56 years of age The cough and spitting entirely ceased botli by night and day. Y our much obliged servant, EUWAUD TRUSCOTT. Jamaica Inn, Bolvcntor, Cornwall. To lIlr. W. Lambert. Bodmin, May 1st, Dear Sir,—I have much pleasure in handing you the enclosed testimonial to the extraordinary efficacy of your asthmatic bal- sam, my sale for which is stsadil-y increasing, and I consider it one of those patent medicines worthy the confidence of the public. I am, dear S,r,yours faithfully, T. TAUNTON CLAHKF.. Mrs. Mary Banks, of Caroline-street, Camden Town, was curer] of a violent cough by raking four do? c s. ASTOXISHIXG ClJRE OF COUGH AND SPITTING OF ELCOD A,u<ut four years since 1 caught a severe co'd which terminated in a violent cough, with spirting of blood. I tried every remedy which my friends recommended, without receiving any benefit; last winter the cough so much increased in violence and the spitting of blood becaa.e so frequent, and attended wita all the symptoms of rapid consumption; 1 continued in this dreadlul state, notwithstanding I had the advice of some of the most eminent physicians, and gave up all hopes of recovery. Seeing ill the newspapers some extraordinary cures which your Asthmatic Balsam had performed, as a last resource, I was in- duced to try its efheacy. To my great astonishment and delight, in less than a week I perceived a wonderful benefit, and by the time 1 had taken tw of the is. 3d. bottles, with gratitude 1 acknowledge, 1 was perfectly well. 1 am, your obedient servant, KLIZABETH BUOWS. Prepared only and sold by W. Lambert, Chemist, 20, J e; myn street, Haymarket, London, in bottles at lOJd., 2s. 3d., and -is. (id. Be particular and ask for Lambert's Asthmatic P-a'sam," and do not be persuaded to take any other medicine. Sold by all respectable Medicine vendors throughout the country. [2609 I rpo THE NERVOUS. AXLJ DSBILI- 1 TA i ED. -GIVEN AW Y f >r the BK.V L Fi (' of NERVOUS SUFFERERS. —M-.<*r-. II. aj.d .SMI PI will send F'ree, secure from o! vatto su.y address, on r< cei. t of a directed enfei- p t» c! >s lig two s'amps, to p rep ay post a ere. I IIL r'rtiv A IE MEDICAL Fill END "a new work on the most successful and private means of CURE of those fearful diseases, nervous de- bility, loss of memory, dimness of sight, lassitude, in- digestion, &c., which, if neglected, result in premature old a?e, consumption, insanity, and death. For the benefit of nervous siffei-rs, who cm not visit them prr- soi-,al! li. ind J. %vi; r,-e-ivi -a desciii)- tion of thfir case, end"si;¡g stamped envelope for reply, hold themselves ready to reply thereto, giving their opinion upon the nature of the case, and the principles of treatment necessary to effect a perfect cuie. No consultation-fee required. Messrs H. and J. SMITH, 41, Carliol-street, Ae vcastie- on-Tynfv. SELF CURF.. — AMERICAN' I RE v'l MEN T. GRATIS TO THE AFFLICTED. POISONOUS DRliGS AND DOCTORS' F.< .ABOLISHED. I EXTRAORDINARY DISCOVERY for li the Treatment and FeU Cure" of debility, ner- vousness, lassitude, depression of spirits, loss of energy j and appetite, pains in the back and limbs, timidity, self- distrust dizziness, want of energy, uroundle?s tears, palpitation of the heart, noises in the head ?nd ears, in- decision, wretchedness, impaired snht and memory, in- digestion and bodily pros'ratioii ot tiie whole s?stem,&c bv means of the ne\vlv-disco\ered A .\i LR! C A IN- VENTION which supersedes (in the above complaints) poisonous drui:a, which are given under various disguises, to the ntter ruin of the patient's health, with invaluable informuion on Chemical 'es's, &c, A iso iiints to those contemplatmg rnarri^s^, stnt. on receipt Oi six stamps, by CHARLES WATSON, Member oi the Keforn.ed Medical College, U.S. the Society of Medicine Rouen the National Academy of Science, Paris and Fello-.v and 11 morarv Vicc-President ot ihe Imperial .ixtiican In- stitute of France; 27, lace, lieufo: d-squaic, | London. This novel and scientific AMKRICAV DI~?CO\ i,kY demonstrates the absurdity o! the English treatment of such cases, and will prove a boon to Suffering invalids," ulio may safely and speedily regain pristine health and vigour by adopting the means presented."—Evening Sun. A new and extraordinary era in the -ci nee of ui"uieine. Gi0be The important fact that these alarming com- pl.iints^'may easily he removed without dru?s is here clearly demonstrated, and the entirely n-nv and highly successful treatment, as auopted, fully explained. Medical Jlericw. » For Qualifications, vide Dtpicans, and _Lon- don Medical Directon." [2iÛ KAYE'S WORBDELLr'S PILLS. YICTIUS to IXDIGESITOX, Nervousness, Physical Debility, Bi.ious and Liver Complaints Diseases of the Chest, Lur.g-^ ;tr-d Iiiroat. and all who desiie *o restore and the'.r lie wi h speed, certainty, ar.d econ'ony, should ini i e;ri.uer\ u^e these j wonderful Pill*. They stn,;<- at the root ol disease, purify the blood, and strengthen and invigorate the en. tire system. f" Prepare.! solely by John Aaye, Esq of Dalton Hall, near Huddersfield. Hundreds of cases ot cure enclosed with each box. Sold by all ('hemis's and other dealers in Pate It Medicines, at Is IJd, ds 9d. ai.d 4s 61. Whole- Sale Depot, -21, Bill-AO-S L UEE1', Loud HI. -3 vAv,E A LA N D u AN E HEAL AND S 0 a's 4 El' t NEW I I ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE CONTAINS DESIGNS AND PRICES OF 150 DIFFERENT ARTICLES OF BEDROOM FURNITURE AS WELL AS OF 100 BEDSTEADS AND PRICES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF CEDDINC SENT FREE BY POST IHEALFTSON BEDSTEAD BEDDING 3. BEDROOM FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS V,»96TOTTE&HAM COURT ROAD LONDON^ (2673 :7.7 K /v- /t'x KK i <t w IF" ILY _—=—— 1972 TO MOTHERS AND NURSES. "ATOl W I rilSTAN 1)LNG the number of cheap L™ preparation, taat hive latterly been forced upon the public by p rtiesjea'ous of the great success of the or:gin il end highly alaable p. ep aration, Mrs. JOHNSON'S AMERICAN" SOOTii- INGSYKUP still stands unrivalled, from tlie simple fact that it contains no narcotic, nor any dangerous ingredient whatever, while opi.ite.^ are the foundation of ail the recent imit ;ti 'lis. This invariable Preparation has preserved hundreds of Children when thou :ht past recovery from Convulsions arising irom pain ful dentition. As soon as the Syrup is rubbed on the the child will b ■ relie, eÜ, the gums cooled, an ) inn [mmati'-n rcr! uc :rI. It is as innocent as efficacious, and so pleasant that no child will refuse to have its gums rubbed wi hit. Parents shouli be very particular to asx for Mrs. Jou'<s.)S s AMERICAN* SOOTHING Svaup, and to notice that the names of BAR XAY AND SONS, Farringdon Street, London (to whom Airs. JOHNSON* has sold [he recipe), are on the Stamp affixed. to each Bottle. Sold bv all Chemists and Medicine Vendors, IMce 2s. yd. [2513 TO NEitl/OUS AND RHEUMATIC SUFFERER?. ■Q {() OOf) DAMAGES.—This heavy sum 1 was awa ded to the Inventor of til.' Lleetro Chains, on the 16'h January, 186-5, by the High Courts of Paris, and by th. se of the ii.-iglish, ').. the 30th November, 1356. The Person condemned was :r. C. M.ia.VIG, (ex agent J on the plea of defraud, and for in- fringing the inventor's rights. Let Counterfeiters be- ware. Only J. L PULVERMAiJHlili'S facsimile is on each Genuine Chain. PU ,'S rATEXT MEDICAL ELEC 101, T RO-G A L V A NlC C II AIX S, For personal use-a safe, certain, and speedy remedy for Rheumatic, Nervous, and Functional Diseases. They weigh but 2 ozs., and are intended to be worn on the aif.-cted parts of the body. On the first application (in fac', in an instant) the syst. in becomes light and in- vigorated, and M<al, Ear, and l ooth-ache, and all acute Pains, vanish in an extraordinary manner; also, in a few hours, and at most in a few days, the worst cases of Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, Scia'ica, Neuralgia, Ner- vous Deafness, Indiges'ion, L:ver and Female Com- plaints, Const ipation, Spasms, Kpilepsy, Paralysis, and many other Chronic Diseases, a.e totally tridicated. thousands of testimonials uf c-u: es, both from private persons and medical piac'it.i .nets in every part of the world, confirm tli^se tac' In the Liie" of that re- markable Divine, Dr. Kitto, it sayS i'heinstm; I applied a small Pulvermacher's Chain I felt a pleasant eiectric current pass through my system, and imme- diately my pains lett m /,e w.s the greatest sufi'erer ever known, especially from Deaftuss, Patalysis, and Rheumatism. Adopted by the Academie Lie Medieine, Paris, and rewarded at the Gieat Hxhibition, 1K5-5. De- mod worthy of the first position in the works and writings of those great Philosophers and eminent Phy- sicians, Sir C. Loc. ck, Bart., Phvsician to Her Majesty, Goiditig liir i, Pereira, Lai oner, Duchsini", Becijuerer Pouillet. Delarive, Oppoizer, and many others. 1 h°se Chains, as the L-ineet and other medical journals states must at once convince every person of their extraor- dinary curative powers who will give them one moment's trial. Price 5s., it's. 6 !—the 15s., ISs.,and 22s. most useful. J. L. PuLVK.tMACRER and Co, 73, Oxford- treet, adjoining the Princess's Theatre, London E. J. Phillips, High-street, Newport. 2tl3 ANOT lEa CURE OE COXSUJIPT.VB COLGH, BY DR. LOCOCK'S PULMONIC Wafers.—Extract 0: a letter from Mr. Thomas V D-'ar., 1 ".0, Scotland-road, Liverpool. Gentlemen,—I have great pleasure in communication to you a case (among many) which came under my observation. A lady, who 1 cm rtier to, in her assiduoas attendance upon her husband during a long fatal illness, caught cold, and not having taken care of herself, it settled upon her lungs. She was troubled with a dreadful cough, and ever) symptom of consumption. She applied to htr medical man, but Uia r.ot "btain any relief; when, upon the recomnienda tion of a friend, she tried Dr. Locock's Wafers, which, from ta.c commencement, eased her coughs, and by continuing them she is perfectly cured. THOMAS DEAK." Dr. Locock's Wafers instant reiief an.i a rapid cure of asthma, consumption, coughs, and all disorders of the breath and lungs. They have a most pleasant taste. Price Is. l^d., 2s. 9d., and Its. per «>ox-— CAUTION.—Every box of the GENUINE medicine has ihe words "DH..LOCO<.KS WAFERS" in white letters on a red ground in the Government Stamp, and without which. wolds All^akj I COUNIEMyElXS AND AN IMPOSITION. [2'31 ^tterettonfou.s. 1 TH REMEDY FOR NERVOUSNESS, DEBILITY EPILEPSY, Xrc. by Royal Letters Patent of England, an sanctioned by all the Contine Coite es. rpIIE GUTTÆ YlTÆ, or LIFE DROPS, dis- covered and i»rei>aT-ed only b;, Dr. DE ROOS,of the Ecoie de Jfe licitie, Pa is; Member of tLe Koyal College of Surgeons, London, icc., &c., £ ;c.f are a well-known remedy for the above complaints, Exhaustion, Incapacity for Society, Study, or Busi- ness, Eru: tions Sore Thr"at, Pains in the Banes, and all those diseases for which mercury, sarsaparilla, &c., are too otten em- ployed, to the future destruction of health. Their powers almost exceed belief; since their introducron, hundreds of apparently hopeless cases have been speedily cured and thousands have de. rived almost miraculous relief, when everything else had failed, and they must sooner or later entirely sup those questionable remedies which have too long been t'ie H>1e reliance of the medical men of this country. Being purely herbal, and containing neither mineral or opiate, they do not stimulate and are therefore not followed by that fa ful reaction common to the so-called remedies for these complaints. Thousands of testimonials from Clergymen and oth-rrs may be inspected by any one, or a printed copy for- warded oil receipt of a stamped envelope. Pr,ce 4s. ami 11 s. per bottle, or four times the latter 3 lirough all Medicine Vendors. (2olit) PAINS IN THE 1UCK, G HAVEL, RHEUMATISM, G:,U j, .e. T DR. DE RODS' rILLS are a well- known remedy for Pains in t1,e Back, Gravel, Rheumatism Gout, i^isease of the Kidneys, Bladder and organs, biliousness Indigestion. Acidity of Stom;;ch, Nc., which olten torment the Batterer ver the best years of life, and end only in death. They agree with the most delicate stomach, increase the appetite, im- prove the health, and in three dajs effect a cure, when copaiba cubebs, &c., have utterly failed. Price I s. ] ld. 2s. yd., 4 s. td., lis, and <s. per bux. flf all Ciiemists. E. W., Gibb Heath, Brmin.;ha:n. I shall not fail to recom- mend your medicines t. all that Ineed them: I feel grateful to God th"t 1 ever saw our advertisement." L H., Hillsborough Co. Dovvi,.—" Only fory<mr iiifdiciiie, I be in my grave. I return vou many thanks." M. M R., Bolton.—" For the great service your medicines have rendered me, I cannot express myself too gratefully." T. S. Well:ngboro'1 am bapp" to in- form you that X have not felt anything I have taken voir valuabl tmodicine, a1.d I shaJlnot fail to rccommend it to all my A. L., St/a'ton, Cornwall.—I am gJad to stata, that taking your incttlcine six v;eeks, I an) now Well. Thanking vou for a good state of health, which 1 never had before, I an1, 8.:c" From Ion;: practical observa ion of the treatment:pursuld in tiie most famous liv-titutior.s of Eii'.l »r,d and France, for tho:-e diseases referred to above, the Proprietor has had somewhat un u-ual facil.tles for acquiring that uniform success which lias characterised his practice for so many years in this counti y, where tiie futil attempts t > cure by mercury, copaiba, sarsaparilla, See., have produced such distressing results. Lasting benefit in such cases can only be reasonably expecu d at hands of the legally quauli^d medical man who devotes his chief attent'on to their removal; and to Jdm only who can show hi; possessiun of tiie necessary quaiitications, can confidence be safely extended. Dr. De R. reiers witn pride to the numbers he has been instrumental in restoring to health and happiness and to those who may be in need of jUeh aid, lie offers every assurance of speedy restora- tion. Country patents should loi ward a detail ot their case by letter, enclo-ingthe lee of £ i Ss. for advice and medicines, which wili he sent by return. post office orders to be made payable at the General Post oliic to WALTER ine R M.D., 10, Berners- street, Oxiord street, London. At home daily from 12 to 4. Sundays excepted. fold by Winnall. 78, High "reet, Birmingham Ferris and Co, Bristol I Keene, Bath Raimes and Co., York alld Edinburgh; Whi'.taker, Sheffield Westmacott, Manchester; Howell, Dale- street, and Kaiines ani Co., Liverpool Me. Master and Co., street, Dublin; Apothecaries Co., Glasgow Bradbury, B dtoii Pritt, Bradford Halifax; Keinhart, Leedo: M n ler and Wolverhampton; and at lea;,t one agent in al- most every town but should ditfieulty occur, enclose Stamps to Dr. De llo s, 10, (hlorl street, London, when they will be sent by leturn. securely pack- d. A PAMPHLET with full instructions. &c.,ser,t free for tw postage stamps. (2d06 "XrOURSELF WHAT YOU ARE! AKD ,\YIL\.T 1 FiT The original graphiolo;i,t, "il.vair: COCPELLE, continues to give her useful and interest! g delineations of cha- racter, from an examination of the handwriting, in a style peculiarly her own. never before attempted in this country, and which cannot even be succes.-fuily imitated by who preien 1 to this beautiful science. All persons desirous of knowing them- I selves, or the true character of any friend in whom they may be i teiested, must send a specimen of writing, stating sex and age. and the fee of 1 u.icut penny post stamps, to Miss Coupelle, by, Castle-st.. Oxfo.d-st., Lan-lon; and they will receive in a few days, a full and minute detail of the talents, tastes, affections, virtues, failings, &c., of the vriter, with many other tilings hitherto unsuspected, and calculated to be useful through life. From F.N.,—"I consider your skill surprising." C S.— lour de,crip:io, of the young lady's character is remarkably corr. ct. W. S—Your iu'erestiug answer to my note is quite true." H. Y-ur sketch of my character is marvellously correct. Miss F. Minima says the character you sent me is a true one." Miss You have described his character accurately." Miss H. S,- I am afraid his cln acter is as you describe it too truly.' We see no 111 difficulty in gruphiology than phrenology, aud we have little doubt that fit innu r.erab.e ins a ices the charactcr is read with equal oreeision."— Vami y Herald. (200 i DO YOU WANT LUXURIANT HAIH, WHISKEiiS. &ci It S", uoe ROSALIE CKI U l'IU-\ R, noted f r its miraculous properties, and as the only remedy that can be tullY re- lied on. it is guaranteed to produce whiskers, nlous- t;¡chw", ey ebr. ws, & in a few weeks, and will be found eminently succcsslul in nourisliing, curlins!nd beauii- lying the hair, c ecking greyness in a its stages, Strengthening weak hair, preventing it- fa.ling off, and restoring it in baldness from wi.a'ever cause. Upwards nt 10;) physicians recommend it for the nursery, as promoting a fine, healthy ilea 1 of hair, and averting bai. iiess in alter y ears. post free on receipt of 24 penny postage stamps, by Miss Couj eile, G9, (.¿¡stit- st., .\twni ;st., Oxford-St., London, or may Le obtained of all hemists, in bottles price Us. each. CAUTION.—A 16-page pamphlet is enclosed with each bot ie, and each package has a d stamp outside, with the words "ROSALIE COUPELLE" ill white letters the word", CoupSLia s CKINUTKIAH" are also moulded in each bottle ■'My whiskers are greatly improved by u.-ing it."—\V. A.rliii. "it ins alie-tdy considerably thickened my hair."—Miss Modiin. 1 was bald nine years, but 1 find new Lair coining rapidly"—j. Hone. 1 hanks to your new Lair coining rapidly n_j. Hone. "1 hanks to your stuff, 1 haw an excellent moustache and whisbrs. Major Browne. •• I had lost my half in p .tches.but it has restoi ed it."—Miss Hewitt.. After 20 years bali- ness I consider it his acted miraculously "-i1. Moir. Sold by Winnall, 78, High-street, birminghani; Fertis and Co., Bristol Kceno, lJith; Raimes and Co., York and Euinburgh, liil-ker, Sheffield Westmacott, Man- chester Howell, Dame-st., and Haimes and Co Liver- pool; Me. Master and Co., Capel-st., Dublin; A pathe- caries' Co., Glasgow Bradbury, Briton; Pratt llradord; Dyer, Halifax; Keiuhardt, Leeds; Mamer and Co., Wolverhampton, and at least one agent in almost every town. n Y E MINUTES ADVICE ON THE HAIR," Whiskers. &c., sent post free for four pennv s:a m s. r :!(j:Joj KXOAV THYSELF: Tiie Original Graphioiogisf, K ite Russell continues with immense success to give her and useful delineations of ch:1rnCtCf from an examina- tion (if the handwriting, in a style of description peculiarly her own, and which cannot be imitated by the ignorant advertisers who profess to have a knowledge of the science Persons desirous of knowing their true character, or that of any friend in whom they may be interested, must send a specimen of their riting, stating -ex and age, or supposed age. with the fee of 11 penny p08t;;g, stamps, to Miss Russell li. AriiiKten-street, Hampstead Road, London, and they will r ceive in a day or two a full and minuto detail of the gifts, defects, talents, taHe., affections, xc of the writer, with many other things hitherto unsuspected, cal- culated to guide them through life. All letters are considered strictly confidential, and to prevent mistakes,applicants are re- quested'to enclose all envelope properly directed to themselves, i he many thousands who thankfully acknowledge the value of advice given, and the accuracy of Miss il.'s sketches of charac- ter, estabiisli the truth and value of the science beyond a doubt. Extracts from Testimonials:—From S. P., t. Many thanks for Vnur truthful portrait." K H., I fear his character is too truly as vou so freely describe it." W. B., '■ Your lone letter, though very flattering, my friends say is amazingly c rrtet." A 1)., M.imma says the eharacter you give me is very just, and. uot too good." Hev. H. F., "My fa th in graphiedogy is contirir.' d your success is extraordinary. B. W., 1 am glad your c-pini n of her character c rinciues with rr.y own. From the Press: •' By these means men atbut to engage in partnership, or to Slave iai- portant transactions with any one, may knoll" beforehand the I character of the person with whom they have to do; in lino manner lovers may be made wise beforehand and those who have s crut ene .lies m*v be warned and enabled to p-epare for tiie worst."—Household Wards. "We see no more difficulty in gra- phio'ogy t'.an phrenology, and we have little doubt that in innu- merable instances tile character;- read with equal precision." — Enmity Vh mid I OH QUACKERY U:>\UASKFD AND DEFEATED being an expo.aire of the frauds practised by quacks who ro the unthinking, and in many cases entirely ruin the health of heir victims. Tbe Author, who has had great experience in the treatment of and general Debility, Loss of :\l(;1uory, ht ii,.g Sight, Epilep-y, Indigestion, Giddiness, Headache, and a long train of fearful diseases, will send post free, a copy of his Work, by the aid of which permanent health may be spoedi!" recovered, at a trifling expense, and without recourse to the S/I- called certain remedies of the day, which too often prove certain failures. REVIEWS The utility of the book is undeniable."—"Christian Times." I- Popular'' in every sense of the word, and its ad- vantages are untold to those who cannot consult the family physician.—British Magazine." "To all our readers we siy Get it" Critic." "Barely do we recommend a medical work but in this instance we do so honestly."—" Literary Gazette. "The most fearless exposure we have ever Times." We think it a duty to advise all otti readers to procnre Uris book. 1 JaU News. "Were i t universally distributed, a csrtain class of pestiferous advertising would soon be done away with "—" Times" "The Doctor deserves our warmest thanks for 11is bold attack oil empiricism _I. Era," Sent free on receipt of two pen; stamp-, by )1r. Lawes 14, Hand Court. Ilolborn. ~G DU ii UtRY'S A T1 D T A It It H Qi A L BON BONS, are a never faiEn, remedy for English Cholera, bowel complaint, diarrhoea dvseiitery, xc., c. In boxes, Is. .-d., 2e. 9d„ 1 s 6d. J. Sacae-r 5 i Oxford-street, Lon and all Chemises. ( il-bJ DU Blitil Y S FOlt IN FANT- CHILDREN, AND lI\V ALl US. supersedes the dangers and expense ot wet nure-iiu; as infants are ea.vilv re ired with it, and it is the best and lliust di-jestsble Food for the delicate and invalids of any age. In cam stern, at 's.. and 1 <lb. 21s. 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Send 2d. in S atnps, aud you will receive, fiee by Post, a popular Treatise 61 pages: DU BARRY'S PULMONIC COUGH BON BONS, are a nice Safe, and effectual remedy for coughs, colds, hoarseness, asthma, and all alfectious of the lungs, throat, and voice, and of un- livalied excellence. In boxes—Is. lid., 2s. tld., 4s. 6d. J Sanger, 159, Uxford-atxuet, LoAdoD I and. U Qheoaist*,