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BY APPOINTMENT. PRYCE JONES, Ltd., The Royal Welsh Ware house and Factories. NEWTOWN, NORTH WALES. FLANNELS. DRESS FABRICS. LIVENS. HOSIERY. EVERYTHING FOR LADIES, GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S WEAR. BLANKETS. FASHIONS. PLEASE WRITE FOR CATALOGUES CR PATTERNS POST FREE ON REQUEST. THE PIONEERS Of SHOPPING DIRECT BY POST. TYSTEB O. JONES, ELLDEYRN, NANTGLYN, DINBTCH. WEIH dros ddeugain mSynedd o wasanaeht *» gwerthtavvr fei. Ysgotteistr Lienor a Bardd. mae cyteillion, edmygwyr a hen ddisgyblion Elldeyrn yu Nantgiyn ar cykh wedi pendertynu dangos en gwcrthfawrogiad au hedmygedd oi wasanaeth, trwy roddi tysteb anrhydeddus iddo ar ei ymadawiad oi ddyledsvyddau fei Ysgolfeistr. Derbynir pob rhodd yn ddiolchgar gan y pivyilgor. M iw hanfon ir Ysgrifenydd erbyn Tachwedd, 28. PARCH D. REES EVANS, Llywydd y Pwyllgor. MR. DAVID HTJGHIS, Trysordd. Miss C. M. DAYII S, Ysgrifenydd. Ulyn House, Nantgiyn, Denbigh, N.W. THE SPIRITUAL NEEDS OF TWO MILLION SOULS. In the vast Diocese of Southwark more than two million people live in the great Boroughs of Batterssa, Bermondsey, Camberwell, Dept- ford, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lew- isham, Southwark and Woolwich. Most of them are poor. None of them are wealthy. Please help the Suth London Church Fund in its ministry to the spiritual needs 0 of this vast multitude. Funds are sorely needed if the work is to be maintained and -extended. PLEASE SEND HELP NOW. Address Secretary, S.L.C.F., 49, Parliament Street, Westminster, London, S.W. 1. ilUUIliliUllilltlillllll!ill!tlH!!lllllltlilllliIltl!tll!!i!ll{!i!li!IS!tm & .88 j A NIB TO SUIT YOUR HAN]:) ALL MYERV PENS "THE PENS THAT GLIDE" ASSORTED SAMPLE BOX NINEPENCE, of all Stationers or post free lOld. from Manufacturers, wi. MYERS & SON, Ltd..Charlottes. Birmingham. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIJ 111111111111111111111111111111111111 ¡I!! !llllW NO OBJECTIONS have we to receiving your order for a copy of uSt. CLODOCK SPitiSh King aRd Maptgp" We need the support of EVERY reader of these lines to reopen our church (1,400 years old) FREE from DEBT on Dec. 10. Price 7s. 6d., plus 4d. postage. Now -ready.-Rev. F. G. LLEWELMN, Longtown Vicarage, Abergavenny. The FRIEND OF THE CLERGY CORPORATION. Founded A.D. 1849. Christmas Cheer for necessitous Clergy & Thelp Families The Committee of this Corporation make a most earnest appeal for generous donations in order to enable them to relieve some of the widespread distress in clerical homes at the present time. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable and sent to the Secretary, The Rev. A. 11. NUNN RIVERS, at the Offices of the Cor poration, 15, HENRIETTA-STREET, COYEST GARDEN, W.C.. 2. Antiques Bought. HAMPTON & SONS are prepared to give highest prices for genuine OLD ENGLISH FURNITURE, 8 DAY G B ANI> FATHER CLOCKS, BRACKE'l- CLCCKS, Ac. Owners desiring to dispose of same privately are invited to send par- ticulars to HAMPTON AND SONS, LTD., Pall Mall East, London, S.W. 1. CUT THIS OUT < hurch family Newspaper PEN COUPON. Value tl. Send this coupon witn remittance of only 4s. direct to the Fleet Pen Co., 119, Fleet-street, London, In return you will receive (post fres) asplendid Brit sn kade 14ct. Geld Nibbed Fleet Fountain Pen, valua 30s. 6d. If you save 12 further coupons, each of these will count as Id. olf the price, so you may send 13 coupons and only 3s. Say whether you want a fine, medium, or broad-pointed nib. This great effer is made to introduce the famou; Fleet Pen to Church Family A'ew.paper readsra. Over 100,000 have now been sold. (Extra starapj required tor lroreign Pcd*pJ- SaUsiactiOD Guaranteed of Casii ttUurumL


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