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A MARVELLOUS lEI DISCOVERY FOR WASHING CLOTHES AND SAVING COAL. THE "SWIFTSURE" PATENT VACUUM WASHER WITH THE WONDERFUL BALL-VALVE WILL DO A LARGE FAMILY WASH WITHOUT BOILING WITHOUT RUBBING IN å AN HOUR That would take 3 hours with a dolly and wash-board. WRITE TO-DAY if you wish to have 14 DAYS' FREE TRIAL of the Patent Swiftsure" Vacuum Washer with the WONDERFUL BALL-VALVE. Saves Coal and Soap, and saves Clothes from wear and tear. LET US PROVE IT TO YOU FREE The SWIFTSURE with the Patent BALL- VALVg is one of the greatest labour-saving appliances of the 20th Century. Made of strong SOLID COPPER, and will last a lifetime. Thousands of Patent "Swtftsure" Washers In use In the Navy, Army, London Hospitals, Laundries, etc.. >*<* 18f6 We print below a few extracts taken from hun- dreds of unsolicited testimonials received from some of the thousands of satisfied purchasers of •SWIFTSURES" PAID FOR ITSELF HUNDREDS OF TIMES OVER. Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, Glen View, Saltford, near Bristol, writes August 15, 1919:—"The SWIFTSURE' Vacuum Washer we had from you over 2 years ago is as good as the day it arrived. My wife would not be without it on any account. It docs all and more than you guaranteed it to do. She can wash Sheets, Quilta and Blankets with ease, where we had to put all heavy things out before we had it. It has paid for itself HUNDREDS OF TIMES OVER." WASH-DAY TRANSFORMED IN- TO A DAY OF REAL PLEASURE. The Rev. ROWLAND STTJRT, Stonehouse, Glos., writes: I enclose cheque for the Vacuum Washer, and have never paid an account with greater satisfaction or pleasure. The Washer does all and more than you claim for it: the results are simply surprising. Our maid cannot find words in which to express her delight. The day hitherto regarded with dread is now trans- cribed into a few minutes of real pleasure." WARNING.—— We hereby warn the public against SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. The genuine "SWIFTSURE" PA- TENT Vacuum Washer with the WONDERFUL BALL VALVE is sup- plied direct to the public (thus saving middlemen's profits), Carriage FREE on 14 Days' FREE TRIAL by the Sole patentees, from their ONLY ADDRESS The BRITISH VACUUM WASHER CO. (C.F.N.), 91, DUKE STREET, LIVERPOOL. The SWIFTSURE is different to any other washer in existence, and is honestly made of Solid Copper to last a lifetime, aad has a wonder- i fully eflective and yet simple Patent Ball-Valve Contrivance in its interior which regulates the flow of air and water. WRITE TO-DAY if you wish to have 14 DAYS' FREE TRIAL of the SWIFTSURE Patent Vacuum Washer with THE WONDERFUL BALL-VALVE. Or Illustrate Lists with Scores of Unsolicited Testi- monials will be sent POST FREE upon request. OUR GUARANTEE. Should the PATENT "SWIFTSURE VACUtT4 WASHER not meet with your approval after 14 DAYS' FREE TRIAL you have simply to return it, and WE PAY CARRIAGE BOTH WAYS. WRITB TO-DAY TO OUR ONLY ADDRESS. THE BRITISH VACUUM WASHER CO. (O.F.N.)91, DUKE STREET^LIVERPOOL. iiMiiiiMimi—MiinmiimiiiiiBi^—H I a ■ L .■ I Look at the Frame before you buti Ask the dealer to open the umbrella and look for either of the following Trade Marks, which are your guarantee that it is made with the famous FOXS FRAMES fe.FOX&CiJHiTEp) { PARAGON After a teat 'of 70 years these frames- are etJl the best in the world.